About Phil McConnell

‘Hello’, My name is Phil McConnell, I have been playing the Highland Bagpipes for 45 yrs. As a member of the Royal Artillery Army Pipe Band Liverpool, I have played on Horse Guards Parade and over the years I have been a member of the Clan McLeod Pipe Band, Chorley Pipe Band and at present, I am also a member of the Warrington Pipe Band.

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I have been playing the highland bagpipes for over 40 years as well as playing on horse guards parade in the presence of our royal family, and together with one thousand pipers, I played at the opening ceremony of the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh.

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My Passion allows me to offer my services as a Bagpiper to many Local Parades and Events as well as offering services to the public playing at Weddings, Funerals, Burns night celebrations, anniversaries, New Year Eve events and birthdays.

The Sound of the Bagpiper is ideal for any ‘opening event’ and will seize the moment, lending extra emotion to the event. The visual image of the ‘Lone Piper’ will create a memorable occasion to treasure for a very long time.

I can offer a variety of styles of dress including;
  • Full dress with feather bonnet
  • Evening dress with dinner jacket white shirt and Dickie bow tie
  • Day dress with blazer jacket.white shirt and tie
  • Four-tartan kilts. Ancient MacDonald of the Isle, Black Stewart, Ancient Cameron ,The Royal Stewart

Bagpiper for hire

Whatever your special occasion and if you are looking for a Bagpiper for hire, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Click here to complete our simple contact form.

My Pipe Band – The Warrington Pipe Band

The Warrington pipe band was formed in 1937 and started life as The 1st Warrington Scout band.

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Its been a successful band and in 1975 won the world pipe band championships in grade 3 and in the same year were proclaimed champion of champions for obtaining the highest results at all 5 major competitions that year.

The Warrington Pipe Band

Only one other pipe band in England has ever achieved this. The band is available for engagement either as a full band or a mini band or smaller groups of about 3 For details please contact Phil McConnell.

Warrington Bagpipe Band